Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Science Fiction for Kids

Science fiction continues to be a fun theme in kid's literature of late.  I think it's great.  Getting your children to imagine using science for innovative and imaginative ideas is always a win in my book.  These stories are also full of action and adventure, showing that even a science nerd can be apart of daring escapades.

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Title: Six

Author: M. M. Vaughan

Target: Grades 3-7

Series: Not at this time

What this book is about: 
Parker and his sister Emma have moved to the States from England after the death of their mother.  Their father is involved with a top secret project and Parker and his sister are given almost no information about it’s nature.  When their father goes missing and manages to leave them a cryptic message about finding a man no one has seen for three years, they must enlist the help of a very generous friend and open their minds to the possibility of technology they thought was only in the movies.

Why I love this book
  • I am always a fan of science fiction for kids and this story helps kids imagine a world with teleportation and habitable planets in another solar system - very cool.
  • This book is full of action.  Kidnappings and car chases kept me turning pages and I really liked the main characters.  They were nice, a little nerdy but always kind.
  • This book is longer than it needs to be with a lot of extra information and story plots that don’t seem to tie back to anything, but that is a quibble with a story that I found quite engaging.
Who this book is for: 
If you have a child who likes science fiction or books like Tesla’s Attic, then this would be a great title to give them.

Final thoughts: 
The cover was a little strange to me.  The kids seem quite young and the pig, who didn’t play much of a part in the story, is oddly featured.

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