Friday, January 17, 2014

A Sweet Early Chapter Book

For throwback Friday I am pulling a book out that was way before my time (got that) but still holds up remarkably well for a new generation of kids.  Think of the Midas touch, but instead of gold, whatever a kid touches turns into something so much more precious ... chocolate!

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Title:       The Chocolate Touch

Author:   Patrick Skene Catling

Target:    Grades 1-3

Series:     No

What this book is about:
This story is about John Midas who loves candy.  In fact he would rather eat candy than anything else.  One day he comes upon a magic chocolate.  After he consumes it, everything he eats turns into chocolate - even his orange juice!  Suddenly he longs for a cool glass of water, but it is not to be.  Can you ever have too much chocolate?

Why I love this book:
Originally published in 1952, this book holds up remarkably well for a new generation.  However, your kids may wonder why John eats boiled candy and candied lemon slices, instead of a Hershey bar.  

This modern day take on the classic King Midas is just perfect for kids, because who hasn’t wanted to eat chocolate all the time, like having Christmas every day!  The lessons are good ones, and not lost on the reader.  

Kids will really enjoy when the pencil John is chewing on turns to chocolate, and even the trumpet during band practice.

Who this book is for:
Great for kids starting chapter books.  At only 122 pages, with big type and pictures every six to seven pages, this book is easily manageable, and fun.

Final thoughts:
A sweet read (oh come on ... I had to type it!)

To purchase this book:
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