Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Early Reader That Gets Kids Laughing

Well the books were debated, the gauntlet laid down and the votes tallied in the Cybils Early Reader Awards, where I was a finalist judge (in case you missed those posts.)  While Urgency Emergency emerged as the victor of our highest honor we were actually spoiled with a wealth of riches in a pool of finalists.  Today I wanted to share a little more of one of my favorite early readers which may not have won the prize, but will certainly be a winner as far as kids are concerned.

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Title:       Joe and Sparky Go to School

Author:   Jamie Michalak

Target:    Kindergarten - Grade 2

Series:     Yes

What this book is about: 
Joe the giraffe and his sidekick Sparky the turtle reside in a cageless zoo.  After accidentally stowing away on a field trip bus which has toured the park, Joe and Sparky find themselves as students at the local school.  When they eat the peas they are supposed to count and gasp at the pond that disappears in the bathroom (ok, it's a flushing toilet), they discover school may not be the place for them … but they will always be good friends.

Why I love this book: 
There are some serious giggle inducing moments in this latest adventure of Joe and Sparky.  The story and humor in this book are 100% kid friendly.  It has some Amelia Bedelia moments, like when the teacher tells them to paint something they love and Joe literally paints Sparky.  Kids will appreciate that.

Who this book is for: 
This is an early chapter book with a few sentences and graphics on every page.  The story has enough substance for four distinct chapters which each revolve around a specific adventure during their day.  Every kid I have given this book to has loved it and laughed.  How can you resist that?

Final thoughts: 
This is a fun, clever book for kids starting chapter books.  Joe and Sparky is long enough to give kids a solid feeling of accomplishment without making them feel overwhelmed.

To purchase this book:
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