Monday, February 3, 2014

Jinx's Magic for Middle Grade Monday

I confess, there are some weeks when I struggle to find great things to recommend.  I start to panic, palms get sweaty, I scour bookshelves for great finds.  But then I have weeks were lovely books just abound and all is right with the world.

Well, this week I got the chance to read the second installment in one of my favorite new series and it was a fabulous.  This week all is right with the world - now next week ....

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Title:       Jinx’s Magic

Author:   Sage Blackwood

Target:    Grade 4-8

Series:     This is the second book in a planned trilogy

What this book is about: 
This second installment in the trilogy has Jinx surviving capture by the evil Bonemaster and promising the trees, with whom he communicates, that he will get his companion Reven out of the Urwald, a forest filled with magic - got that.  In this book, Jinx is discovering the scope of his magical abilities and the foundation is being laid for where the loyalties of he and his friend will lie.  Suffice it to say, that you need to have read the first book, Jinx to really understand what is happening in book two.

Why I love this book:
So often I recommend a series based on the first book, only to be sorely disappointed with the second installment.  I was crossing my fingers with this one because the first book is really good.  

Well I am happy to report that the second book is very well done.  It is a bridge book between the introduction to the magical world and the enemies that abound in the first book, and the war that is to come in book three.  Therefore, this one will probably have the least action.  But it did a beautiful job of setting up Jinx’s powers and his ability to start to control magic.  It also got me completely jazzed for the book three.

Wonderful character development, intrigue and magical creatures will have kids hooked on this series.  It is a smart book for kids who like intelligent fantasy.

Who this book is for: 
Well kids have to like magical fantasy.  Harry Potter enthusiasts or Fablehaven lovers will be quite pleased with this series.  However, I would encourage all readers to start with the first book, Jinx.

Final thoughts:
Still one of my favorite new series.  Along with The False Prince, these are the two trilogies that I am the most excited about.

To purchase this book:
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