Friday, September 5, 2014

A Fun Book for Girls

Ok, I know what you're thinking ... there is no way I can get my daughter to read a book about fairy godmothers.  She will never go for it!  Well, normally I would agree with you, but this book isn't so much a fairytale as a silly mixed up book that will keep her guessing and make her laugh.

Now there is no way that you can tell me that your daughter doesn't like silly!

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Title:       OMG: The Magic Mistake

Authors: Barbara Brauner & James Mattson

Target:    Grades 3-6

Series:     Yes

What this book is about: 
Based on her success in the previous book playing a fairy godmother, Lacy is being recruited for the Godmother Academy.  All she has to do is find true love for a special woman and get them married.  The first problem is that this is a challenge she can’t refuse.  If she fails, she is cursed forever!  With the help of her two best friends, she hopes she can accomplish finding true love, oh and did I mention the wedding has to be in a week!

Why I love this book:  
This book is just well written fun.  There were plenty of funny side plots throughout the story to keep me thoroughly entertained.  While the idea of a wedding and finding your true love makes this book sound as though it would go over the “girly” edge, in fact it is silly, goofy and it never takes itself too seriously.  There were several laugh out loud moments.

I also want to acknowledge the illustrator Abigail Halpin, whose pictures are absolutely charming and scattered throughout the story.  They were a lovely complement to the narrative.

Who this book is for: 
I picked this book up without knowing there was a first book in the series.  You do not have to have read the first book to enjoy this one!  I think most girls would enjoy this story simply because it is high on the silly/fun factor, so don’t be dissuaded if your daughter is not into fairy godmothers.

Final thoughts: 
An absolutely lovely surprise of a story that was charming and humorous all at the same time.

To purchase this book:
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  1. My daughter (age 8) loves these books and we cannot wait for the next installment!

    1. These books were a fun find for me. So glad to hear that girls are enjoying them as much as I did!