Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sisters is a Funny Graphic Novel for Kids

Smile is such a wonderful graphic novel, it is nice to see Raina Telgemeier share more of her story with her new offering.  In this companion book she is looking at the relationship between sisters, which is quite funny when you are not one of the sisters.  Her honest observations about family life will have kids and adults chuckling with a knowing smile!  Check out the book trailer at the end of the post.

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Title:       Sisters

Author:  Raina Telgemeier

Target:   Grades 3-7

Series:    Yes

What this book is about:  
In this companion novel to Smile, Telgemeier is exploring the complicated relationship between sisters.  The book adeptly moves from past to present showing us the early years when Raina desperately wanted a little sister to - flash forward - when they can’t get through a conversation without pushing each others buttons.  In this story, Raina and her family are taking a road trip to a family reunion and it shows us how all the drama on the trip is rooted in relationships that developed from when they were very young.  

Why I love this book: 
I may never have had a sister, but the truth about family dynamics is honestly revealed in this book.  I couldn’t help but see myself and my kids time and time again.  I have to admit it is a lot funnier to see them play out in someone else's family!  I was constantly smiling with a knowing understanding at this book.

As in Smile, Raina is a likable and relatable character, so kids will warm to her and her struggles.  They will also see the fights and triumphs they deal with every day play out in this story which will make it all that more relatable.   On top of that the book is just charming and funny. 

Who this book is for:  
Any girl who has a family, especially a sibling, will be able to relate and laugh at this story.  While the subject matter is deep, the delivery is deftly done and the story will appeal to kids on many levels depending on the reader’s age.  You do not have to have read Smile to enjoy this story.

Final thoughts: 
My daughter stopped asking for a sister after reading this book.  A girl cousin is just fine for her now.  Also, I loved the references to a walkman, a little blast from my past!  

To purchase this book:
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