Friday, June 27, 2014

Codename Zero for Spy Loving Readers

I am pulling a book out of my pile that I read months ago, but it just never made it on to the blog.  Sometimes books just get lost in the shuffle and I would hate for you to miss this one.  See, I really do care.

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Title:       Codename Zero

Author:   Chris Rylander

Target:    Grade 4-7

Series:     Not at this point

What this book is about: 
Carson has lived in North Dakota … boring North Dakota .... for his whole life.  He plays elaborate pranks to keep things from getting too dull and predictable.  But when someone hands him a top secret package in the middle of the day and then that someone gets shoved into a car by some evil looking men, Carson knows something more is afoot in North Dakota than he has ever suspected.  As he discovers secret agencies operating in his town and is pulled into a government operation to help protect a boy in his school, his life in North Dakota no longer seems so dull.

Why I love this book: 
This is a fun adventure, with good twists and turns throughout to keep kids guessing.  What kid hasn’t hoped that one day he/she will be pulled into a real espionage situation, where only a seventh grader can make a difference.

The kid Carson is protecting has problems with English (not being a native speaker), which provides just enough comic relief to keep kids laughing.  If I have one criticism it is that the spy stuff takes a little too long to get going.  This is the best part of the book and I would have liked to see it start sooner.

Who this book is for: 
Kids who like action/adventure books will enjoy this one.  Reminded me a little of The Genius Files where kids get secretly recruited into a government agency.

Final thoughts: 
Cover is terrific so you won’t have to sell kids on picking this one up.

To purchase this book:
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