Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Benji Franklin Kid Zillionaire Is Priceless

I have been tackling more books in the early chapter book category.  I have been looking for those selections for kids who have moved on to chapter books, but who aren't quite ready for the heavier middle grade fare.  These are the second through fourth graders whose reading is proficient but they don't have the stamina for the longer or more mature novels.

My daughter is just getting out of this phase, and I struggled.  I wanted to keep her up on chapter books so she felt like a confident reader and got good practice.  I also knew she wanted to feel as though she had moved on from the easier first chapter books that were too simple in vocabulary and too straightforward in plot structure.  There is good stuff out there.  I am on the hunt for the best.

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Title:       Benji Franklin: Kid Zillionaire

Author:  Raymond Bean

Target:   Grades 2-4

Series:   Yes

What this book is about: 
Benji is a genius.  In his tech class he is required to invent an app, and Benji decides to create the Excuse Yourself app.  It helps kids find an excuse for any problem, gives them the odds of the excuse working, issues advice for using that excuse and tracks the number of times a kid has used it.  It is an instant hit and before Benji knows it he has made millions.  However, he doesn’t have much time to enjoy his new found wealth as he is brought in by an important industrialist to solve the problem of escaped dinosaurs and asteroids which are headed straight on a collision course for earth.  So is the life of a boy genius.

Why I love this book:
My favorite part of this book is the app development.  It is fun to see what Benji comes up with!  The rest of the book is quite a stretch from realism, but it does empower kids to realize that their ideas can have value.  

At first I was a little disappointed that the book took such an unrealistic turn,  I think there were more real world issues that Benji could have tackled.  But the book is based in fun and far out thinking and kids will enjoy the crazy scenarios and humor.

Who this book is for: 
Pages are not long, type is big and pictures are scattered throughout the chapters.  This book is good for kids who are tackling longer chapter books but who aren’t quite ready for heavier middle grade novels.  

Final thoughts:  
I need to get my kids working! 

To purchase this book:
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