Thursday, May 15, 2014

Boys and Books for the Summer

I know what you are thinking.  No I really do.  It is impossible to get boys to write during the summer.  That was it wasn't it?  Well I am going to turn your world upside down today!  Rock your existence ... you get the idea.

The two books I am profiling today will have your boys with a pen in hand.  I can't guarantee the outcome ... but I can guarantee it will be fun.

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I like to think of this as the anti diary.  There is nothing pink or frilly here.  No pens with fancy plumes.  Instead of writing their deepest, darkest secrets, boys can:

 - List all the candy bars they have tried,

- Write down the most awesome video games they have played (and their highest scores)

- Answer quizzes about: the best things to put on a hot dog, the most ideal type of peanut butter and whether brownies or chocolate chips cookies rule.

No boy (I mean Dude) should be without this one.

Ok, how about a book that begs to be destroyed.  No your son is not dreaming.  This book will get dirty, it will have holes poked into it, paint and soda will be spilled on it, and food will be smeared on the pages.  But don't despair - creativity is sometimes messy.  This book allows kids to go outside the lines and let go of the perfection required in school.  It is, in fact, the perfect antidote to school, requiring reckless abandon.

After this book, there is no way your son will be able to say he doesn't like to write journal entries. Ha!

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