Friday, May 30, 2014

Ava and Pip Is a Lovely Read for Kids

Today I have a lovely read that completely resonated with my fifth grade self.  How did the author know what I was thinking back then?  Uncanny!

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Title:        Ava and Pip

Author:   Carol Weston

Target:    Grades 4-6

Series:     No

What this book is about: 
Ava is outgoing with lots of friends.  Her older sister Pip is so shy she eats alone every day at school.  Ava worries about Pip, and when Pip’s birthday party is ruined when one of the popular girls (Bea) plans a party on the same day, Ava vents by writing a story about the Queen Bee who has stolen her sister’s friends.  The story is submitted to a local contest, and when it wins an honorable mention, it is published for the community.  The only problem is that the actual Queen Bee is really a nice person, who didn’t intend Pip any harm.  How can Ava make everything right again?

Why I love this story: 
Ava is just wonderfully written.  She feels just what every fifth grader feels about her parent’s not paying enough attention to her and wanting to do the right thing for everyone.  Part of my love for this book stems from the fact that I could see myself in Ava so clearly at that age.  

Between jealousy of her sister, to overcoming an embarrassing situation, this book felt realistic and will show girls that they can get through both.  It also reminds kids in this information age, that what they write down doesn’t just go away, so they have to be careful with the words they choose.

I really enjoyed the word play included in the book, especially the palindromes.  So many books try to teach literary concepts and then add a story around them.  This book has a solid story and then adds concepts that fit beautifully into the narrative.  

Who this book is for: 
The book is in a diary format, so kids will not feel overwhelmed by this story.  Good for reluctant readers as a result.

This book is also wonderful for girls who want to be writers, girls who occasionally have trouble with their sisters, and girls who aim to please (or basically just a younger versions of me!)

Final thoughts: 
YAY!  WOW!  DON’T NOD run to go out and get this book.  Some palindrome humor.  I tried!

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