Friday, May 9, 2014

Lego Books for Summer Fun

With summer around the corner it is time to think of great books that will fill kid's imaginations, encourage them to excersise their brain muscles and continue to get them to see books as a part of their everyday lives ... and not just schoolwork.

What a better way to do that than with Lego books!  Combine their love of building with books that will fuel their creativity to use these engineering design tools.  You just might be inspired yourself to sit down on the floor and build.  Hey, if you can't get to a hotel pool on vacation, you can recreate one out of Legos on your living room floor.  No sunblock required.

This book is fun for older builders.  It is inspirational, so don't expect detailed step by step instructions.  However, it is filled with tips from Lego master builders who tackle animals, castles, robots, racetracks, prehistoric beasts and things that go bump in the night - to name just a few.  I loved the "handful of bricks" in each chapter were builders were given the same small sample of Lego pieces and had to use their imaginations to build whatever they could come up with.  There are also "quick builds" in each chapter that give kids directions for a small model they can build based on the theme being discussed.  Kids will be looking through this one for hours.

This next book was written by Sean Kenney, one of the prolific builders in the Lego community.  What I love about this book is that you don't need complicated kits or hundreds of Lego pieces to maximize your creativity and fun with this building toy.  Sean has taken 35 pieces and shows kids how to use them to build robots, buildings, vehicles and animals.  Fun book to take on the go.  You can fit all the Lego pieces needed in a sandwich size baggie!

This book is more of an encyclopedia of mini figures throughout the ages.  For kids who love Legos, it is quite fun to see how the mini figures have evolved and how many new additions have been born. It is also a reminder of sets that are no longer produced ... and who can resist seeing if they are in possession of one of the rare mini figures that only a handful of collectors can claim they posses!

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