Sunday, May 4, 2014

Clever Book for Mother's Day

With Mother's Day almost upon us, I thought I would share a book that is quite fitting for that special occasion.

This book is filled with illustrations from the classic Little Golden Books we all grew up reading or someone special read to us (yes I am talking about your mom!)  Each familiar illustration is filled with advice such as "Get some exercise every day" "Be a hugger" and "Let your children know you love them."

Of course, in the front they can write in their name "This Little Golden Book belongs to ........."  Now what mom can resist that?  This is nostalgia and it's best, with quite a few giggles thrown in.  I mean some of these illustrations are even cuter than I remember!

So Happy Mother's Day to all those great moms out there who are encouraging their kids to read every day  These are the women who are providing them with books that stir their imagination and tickle their funny bone.  You are the best.

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