Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Critter Club Is a Good Early Chapter Book

Early Chapter Books are always the hardest.  This is when you want to get your child excited about independent reading.  You know practice makes perfect so you want to get as many books in their hot little hands as possible.

But as with all new readers, sometimes the book is too hard, sometimes too boring, sometimes too babyish.  Keep trying and give them a variety of choices.  Most early chapter books are written as a series so that you can keep the winners coming ... because the only way for kids to get better at reading is to read.  No other way around it.

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Title:       The Critter Club: Amy and the Missing Puppy

Author:  Callie Barkley

Target:   Grades 1-3

Series:    Yes

What this book is about: 
A group of four friends, each with a variety of interests are getting ready for Spring Break.  Amy is stuck at home, so she decides to help her mother out at her veterinary clinic.  When a client’s puppy goes missing, Amy is on the case, collecting clues and investigating leads.  As her friends come home, they help her out, until surprise, surprise …. they find the puppy.

Why I love this book:
Early chapter books can be tedious so I am always happy to find one that has snappy enough writing to keep me interested.  This one was spot on and not too repetitive. The mystery was a cute twist to keep the arc of the story going.

Who this book is for: 
Kids who like Princess Posey should gravitate to these stories.  This is also good for kids who like animals as every story has an animal theme - bet you never guessed with a name like The Critter Club!  Large type and pictures on almost every page make this a good book for kids just starting to tackle chapter books.

Final thoughts: 
A nice entrant into the early chapter book category.

To purchase this book:
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