Tuesday, June 24, 2014

A Book About Ninjas

Ninjas!  Do I really have to say more?  You're welcome.

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Title:       Diary of a 6th Grade Ninja

Author:  Marcus Emerson

Target:   Grades 3-6

Series:    Yes

What this book is about: 
Chase Cooper is eleven and has just moved to a new school.  He is scrawny and unpopular, so when an opportunity presents itself to join a band of middle school ninjas that meet during PE, Chase throws himself into the challenge.  The only problem is that these ninjas appear to be bad guys, which is not sitting right with Chase.  Will he stick with it or strike back?  I know, the suspense is killing you - ancient ninja trick.

Why I love this book:  
It is not often that I see such good quality in a self published book, and this one is a winner.  I am frankly surprised that a publisher hasn’t picked this series up.  It has a lot of humor, some good action and ninjas … I mean come on …. ninjas!

While the fight scene at the end was probably not too realistic it was an effective way to illustrate the power kids have when they stick up for each other and do the right thing.

Who this book is for: 
This book is nice for reluctant readers.  At 84 pages and with pictures scattered throughout it does not feel intimidating.  However, while it is billed as a diary, it is not in a diary format.

Final thoughts:
I so want to learn some awesome, crazy ninja moves.

To purchase this book:
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