Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Good Crooks is a Steal For Your Kids

The book I am profiling today should only be given to kids who like to laugh.  If you have a child who refuses to smile, who looks for ways to avoid fun or who breaks out in hives at the slightest guffaw, keep this book away from them .... far far away!

Early chapter books are never easy.   But this new series will please the pickiest of readers - so sit back and enjoy the moment.  You deserve it.

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Title:       Good Crooks: Missing Monkey!

Author:  Mary Amato

Target:   Grades 1-3

Series:    Yes

What this book is about: 
Imagine being in a family of crooks when all you want to do is help people?  Twins Billy and Jillian have criminals for parents who teach them how plan the master disguise, pick locks with aplomb, and look for opportunities to steal.  Billy and Jillian, however, enjoy making people happy - they do not enjoy taking their things.  The twins decide to use their powers of deception to deceive their parents into thinking they are crooks, while helping others at the same time (those tricky kids.)  

Why I love this book: 
This book has just the right amount of silly humor to draw kids into the story right away.  Between the twins “clever/laugh inducing” disguises and their attempts to subdue a monkey, no kid will be reading this one with a straight face.

The book is also a fun twist where the parents are on the wrong path and the kids are the ones with the moral compass.  Of course, any book where the kids are smarter than the adults is always a draw.

Who this book is for:
Good book for kids who are reading early chapter books.  Larger type and plentiful pictures (although not on every page) make this book feel manageable.  Nice for both boys and girls

Final thoughts: 
If your kids start singing The Elephant Parade Song, please forgive me.  At least it means they liked the book … right?

To purchase this book:
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